Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Oh how I love this, let me count thy ways!

Peek a Boo

Charlie loves to play peek a boo with the cats. Our cat, Stella, is NOT amused.


Why is it that "No" clearly means yes to small children? LOL! Charlie is 11 months in these photos and loves to give me a heart attack watches him rock back and forth on this chair. Little stinker.


Bath time

My beautiful boy enjoys splashing in the tub. Whenever he hears the word "bath" or hears the water running, he comes flying into the bathroom taking his diaper off. Watch him close or he will tumble head first into the tub. Little stinker!

My future

is bright with my sweet boy to make me smile.


Jack has our neighbor's daughter, Shivena, over to play. They decided to use Jack's Ranger Rick magazines to make animal collages. They worked so intently for hours...they even worked through me making cupcakes in the kitchen!

Everyone gets 15 minutes....

Jack: Mommy, you're beautiful. Can I take your picture?
Me: Well, with an invitation like that, how can a girl resist?

Here's his handiwork!

Sibling Snuggles

The best thing about being blessed with two children is to watch the bond develop between them. Jackson is such a loving big brother and Charlie adores him, emulates him and watches his every move. The tenderness they share is such a gift. I worried so much about the age difference before Charlie was born...such a needless worry. These two were meant for each other and I am so grateful to be part of their world.

Stars and Stripes Forever

We celebrated this 4th of July with a very special homemade cake.

Dawn Juans

Early Sunday mornings are my favorite.

Enthusiastic Eater

Did someone say "spaghetti?"

Know when to say "when!"

This started out with me asking Jack to take a picture with his brother. Now, Charlie had his own ideas. He DID NOT want to take a picture under any circumstances. Jackson seems oblivious to Charlie's obvious displeasure and from a mommy's perspective, it made for a great photo op! I am sure this is just a preview of things to come...

P.S. no babies were harmed during this photo session.

Tent City

It really is the simple things. The boys and I built a tent for them to play in on an especially hot summer day. We set it up with toys, snacks and a movie for them to pretend that they were on vacation. I don't know who had more fun? Me or the boys!