Friday, October 31, 2008

Captain Feathersword

Tonight we trick or treated with the cutest swashbuckler on the high seas! He LOVED every minute of it and at each house a big fuss was made over him! He remembered his manners and even told our neighbor, Joleyn, the class: "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! If you don't, I don't care, I will take your underwear!" Too funny! We saw a child dressed as a mummy and I called Jack's attention to it. Then he asked me, "Mommy does that mummy sleep in a sarcophogus?" He remembered seeing the mummies in the Eqyption display at The Museum of Man in San Diego. This boy is so smart it's.....scary! Ha ha! I couldn't resist a little Halloween humor!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frankenstein is in the house

Today, Jack and I made cupcakes for his class. They are having a spooky Halloween party tomorrow and I have been invited to be the host parent and take some photos. These cupcakes turned out so cute! I am not much of a baker, so the frosting and cupcake mix was store bought, but we jazzed them up with little frankenstein heads to add some flair!

Beach Blanket Bingo!

Jack's second trip to the beach was very eventful. We had a picnic of seabass sandwiches(from Pelly's...absolutely the best fish sandwich you will ever eat!), apples, chowder and cabbage slaw. Then, Jack and Daddy built his first sandcastle. He even dumped a bucket of water over daddy's head, but didn't like it when Daddy splashed him to return the favor. He played with 3 other little boys for a long time in a hole they encountered on the beach. They took turns jumping in and out of it giggling the whole time. I waited patiently for my coppertone moment and it finally happened when our little streaker ditched his wet skivvies and made a run for it. This is definitely become a tradition! We all miss Carlsbad already. Can't wait for next year!

Breakfast with Shamu!

We went back to SeaWorld a 2nd time to have breakfast with Shamu. It was very exciting to see such a large animal be so gentle with it's trainers. Jack loved all of Shamu's squeaks and squeals, but was worried that he would get splashed. After the excitement at breakfast, we revisted the shark exhibit and then visited the Wild Arctic. I got a big kick out of the kissing walrus. He would come up to the glass and blow big kisses to everyone watching! I think Jack's favorites were the penguins, especially the Emperor and Macaroni varieties. Daddy spoiled him with a stuffed emperor penguin and a stuffed Shamu. What a lucky duck!

A trip to Carson to see the Greats!

On Wed., we followed Dad up to Carson to drop in on Jack's Great Grandparents, Don and Jokki. Jack quickly traded in Grandpa for Great Grandpa as a playmate. Grandpa Don didn't seemed to mind at all! Grandma Jokki let Jack pick out a teddybear from her collection, but he wasn't satisfied because he would have rather had her Qewpie Doll Collectible. We had lunch and visited for a bit and then it was time to go. Next stop was Grandma and Papa Hunt, Aunt Mary, Raven and the girls. Sorry everyone, my camera battery needed to be recharged, so I don't have any pics of them with Jack. Such a bummer because it was his first chance to meet Aunt Mary and Raven is so darned cute!

Grandpa come to visit!

Grandpa came a spent a few days with us in Carlsbad. Jack wasted no time making Grandpa his new favorite toy! I love the photo of them enjoying their "coffee" out on the balcony:) We took a great trip to SeaWorld, but Jack was really unimpressed with the splashing from the dolphins! We went to The Museum of Man and grandpa even volunteered to watch Jack so that Bryan and I could go out to dinner without him. Thanks Grandpa!

Tiny toes in the sea!

The day we arrived in Carlsbad for our first family vacation, we made our way down the coast and decided to take a break at the beach. Jack was a little anxious about letting the waves crash over his feet, but he sure loved chasing the seagulls! When we got back to the hotel, he enjoyed a strawberry shortcake bar and The Land Before Time to wind down a bit. Not sure which is sweeter...Jack or the icecream bar.

The Littlest Mouseketeer

We made our first trip to Disneyland and Jack couldn't get enough! His eyes were as wide as saucers all day:) We took a trip through Fairytale Land to hitch a ride from Dumbo the Flying Elephant, go round and round on the disney carousel and of course visit Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs and our other beloved Disney friends. Jack got his first pair of classic Mickey ears and ate a GIANT icecream and cookie sandwich. We had Monte Cristo sandwiches at the Orleans Cafe, visited Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean, but the best part was the Thunder Mountain Railroad. Jack just sqeaked in the to ride since the cut off was 40" tall. For those of you who have never been on this ride, it is a pretty amazing rollercoaster and Jack was a champ. We have quite the thrill seeker on our hands. As you can see, after 7 hours at the place where dreams really do come true, our little mouseketeer passed out for a long ride home!