Saturday, August 14, 2010

Expecting Charlie: Part 6 The Nursery

The nesting phase is certainly in full swing in our home. I am 35 weeks today and very impatiently awaiting Charlie's birth. As I drag my big belly around the house, I often find myself in his room, rocking in his chair, carefully refolding his tiny baby clothes and dreaming about the day that our family will go from three to four. Bryan and I had so much fun putting together his nursery. Each time we placed something new in the room, the three of us would ooh and ahh over it and talk excitedly about how much time we have left. Jack loves to play in Charlie's room and I suspect he will be the most excited of all when Charlie is finally here. He has been begging for the last couple of year for a baby brother. I remember the night I told him we were expecting. This big, slow smile made its way across his little face and he said, "you're just joking!" He proceeded to run around the room shouting that he was going to be a big brother. I often wondered if we would ever be blessed with another child. I finally gave up and went back to work thinking Jack would be our only miracle...little did I know I was already pregnant. These last few months have been wonderful, and difficult, but so filled with hope its almost palpable. I have sometimes wished that Jack and his brother would be closer in age, but I am now coming to realize that their age difference has brought me a special gift. I have been able to share my pregnancy with my child in a way that a younger child wouldn't be able to...he understands, he is excited, he can't wait to be my helper. Each day, he lovingly rubs my belly and talks to Charlie(or shouts the ABC song for some reason) and thanks me for being pregnant. He tells everyone wherever we go "My mom is pregnant," and when I tell him that people can tell just by looking, he says"i just didn't want them to think you were fat!" LOL. His excitement and loving care and interest in the whole process is as beautiful a gift as his brother's upcoming birth. I am the luckiest mom in the world. We often wonder why things don't always turn out the way "we" plan...I am coming to realize through this whole process how blessed we are that our life unfolds according to "God's" plan. I. Am. Thankful.

First Day of School 2010

Jackaroo on the first day of the last year of preschool. He is wearing a new outful we picked out at Gymboree when we went school shopping a couple of weeks ago. Can you believe how grown up he looks? Blows my mind how little baby is left in this boy who is growing so rapidly. Bittersweet.

Pitter Patter Rain Drops

A couple of weeks ago, we had a big monsoon storm come through on a Saturday. Since there wasn't any thunder and lightening, Jack and I went out onto the patio to watch the rain(yes, watch the rain. We don't get much around these parts!) Before long, he wanted to run through the rain drops, so I figured, why not? These pictures totally capture his joy of "taking a shower" outside. Makes you realize it really is the simple things...

Expecting Charlie: Part 5 Maternity Photos

I often hear from other women, why on earth would you have maternity photos done? My simple answer is why on earth not? Pregnancy is such a special and beautiful time in a woman's life and it deserves to be captured for the future. How I would have loved to have beautiful pictures of my mother carrying me before I was born. There is something so special about a child having the privilege of seeing photos of their mother in full bloom carrying them, wanting them, waiting for them to make their way into this world. In July, Donielle from LiveLoved Photography came to our home to help us preserve these precious moments for Charlie's future. She did a lovely job at capturing the happiness that is buzzing in our home right now. You can see how much Bryan and I love eachother, how excited Jack is to meet his baby brother and how filled with joy this time in our lives is at the moment. I for one will never ever be sorry to have these photos and I know Charlie will love to have them someday.

Expecting Charlie: Part 4

I have had several ultrasounds with little Charlie. At 30 weeks, I had an especially in depth one to check him out from toes to fingernails. I can't believe how amazing technology is these days. Check out the sneak preview of our beautiful little boy.

Skippy Jon Jones and Mummy Trouble

Jack and I occasionally go to The Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe. They often have storytime complete with a visit from the character in the book. Here is a pic of Jack and one of his absolute favorite characters of all time, Skippy Jon Jones.

Expecting Charlie: Part 3

27 weeks.

Musical Intrument Museum in Scottsdale

Jack and I visited the Musical Intrument Museum early this summer. When you get there, you get special earphones(this was a treat for Jack)that activate when you get close to the exhibits. They pick up the music and singing of different countries around the world. While you liste, you get to look at all of the different colorful intruments on display. Despite wanting to touch everything, Jack minded his manners as we walked through dozens and dozens of exhibits. Finally, at the end of our musical journey we ended up in the instrument room where everything is available to TOUCH! Nirvana! Jack played just about everything in the room...twice. He especially got a kick out of the giant gong.