Sunday, June 19, 2011

There's a Spider in the house...

Jack has turned 5 and we celebrated super hero style with a Spiderman party! The kids really got into the spirit of things with their custom masks and capes. Luckily the weather was beautiful this year, so everyone enjoyed the bounce house and the outdoor toys. Best part of the day? The "web war" with silly string! I honestly think the adults got a bigger kick out of it than the kids...I think it will become a tradition.(Pssss...beware of the errant child who decided to silly string the inside of your rented bounce house! Not the easiest mess to clean.)

Family in town

Nanie, Pop and Uncle Sean came to visit for Jack's birthday in February. It was the first time Pop and Sean have gotten to meet our little Charlie. Unfortunately, things didn't start off too well. Their flight was late(thanks Allegiant) and both boys were terribly sick. Charlie ended up in the ER with RSV. Eventually, they were on the mend and we were able to enjoy the rest of their visit.