Tuesday, August 19, 2008

These Boots Are Made For Walking!

Jack has been infatuated with an old pair of my boots. He wears them everyday at home with the clothes that he picks out and daddy's tie. Today, we were meeting a friend for breakfast and when it came time to take off the boots and put his shoes on, he had a total meltdown! I finally decided that it was ok for him to win this one. My sweet little boy wore my boots out to breakfast. As he worked to clip clop along to keep up with me, I have to admit I was really aware of the public reaction his(err...my) boots were getting. I could see all of the mommy's who have come before me in this stage of childrearing remembering those moments fondly and the new mommy's who are still in denial that this will never happen to them giving me looks of disapproval. One woman who had appeared to be in a terrible mood as we approached smiled immediately at the site of my handsome little boy and told me that I was a "good mommy" for letting him express myself. I have to admit I felt strangely proud of that little person in the footwear of his choosing and I could tell he was proud too. My how I wish time could stand still.....

Happy Birthday Eleanor!

On Sunday, we helped celebrate our dear friends, Todd and Vicki Rhodes, daughter's birthday. Eleanor turned 2 in grand style at the new Children's Museum of Phoenix. What a spectacular place! It is housed in a historical building downtown that was once home to Monroe High School and then to the National Guard(maybe that was why there was an old cigarette smell in the elevator!) Anyways, it was 3 floors of fun. They had a wonderful floor area with mats and tunnels and the ceiling above was hung with dozens of colorful origami birds and an art installation of old used CD's that children had colored. The second floor had a reading area, bean bag area that the kids went crazy for and lots of other amazing vignettes. Jack loved the grocery store and kitchen area that was complete with a section to weigh beans and a faux pizza oven. He took part in some tricycle races(you can see he is being towed by an older boy), slid down slides and pushed around a HUGE bin full of grocery that he promptly put away in the mini fridge! They had an art studio for the kids to make their own funny hats, an area for kids under 3 and so much more. We could have stayed all day. However, after a piece of lemon cake we headed home with the hopes that Jack would still go down for his nap. Here are some pics of Jack and the birthday girl with her siblings, Harry and Lydia.

Monday, August 11, 2008

That's Some Logic!

Here are a couple of cute pics from the week. We had Grammie and Papa over for dinner on Wednesday for salad and pizza. I waas lucky to get this picture of Papa and Jack. Poor Grammie didn't get any pics because Jack was done being patient:) Jack had his first "corn on the cob" this week. Usually I cut the kernels off for him, but he man handled this giant cob and ate it all! He would have eaten the husk if I had let him. It was so cute because he kept thanking me for the corn telling me how delicious and marvelous it was and that I was a hardworker to make dinner for him:) So sweet! Now let's flip the switch and discuss another matter that was, let's just say this delicately, not sweet. On Saturday, Jack kept hitting daddy trying to get a rise out of him. I put him in timeout and when I told him that he needed to apologize to daddy in order to get out of timeout he told me, "I will just stay in timeout!" Yes, you did just really read that. I was SHOCKED to say the least and he continued to do time until he decided to say he was sorry. Later that same morning, he yelled that he wanted more milk. I politely explained to him that he didn't need to yell for me to hear him and asked him to ask me nicely by saying please. Generally , Jack is a pretty polite and well mannered child, so when he told me that he " didn't want milk anymore," I was again surprised with his strangely uncharacteristic of a 2 year old logic. I swear he is 2 going on 7. It amazes me that he can be so defiantly intelligent. Wow am I in for it. I have a feeling we have only scratched the surface.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!

I have to say, sometimes the cutest children's books are to my detriment. Jack loves a book called "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!" The little boy in the book paints himself and everything around him and his mother tells him that his painting days are over. Apparently, my son has selective hearing( I think that is an effect of having a Y chromosome) and didn't get it when the boys mommy took away all of the paint as a consequence to painting himself and the walls. Here are some pics of our little picasso with more paint on his face than his paper! As we were nearing the end of our art class, my son who loves to make handprints put his hand squarely on the edge of one of my dining room chairs! I literally felt the air suck out of the room as my temples began to pound and my breathing began to accelerate to near hyperventilation! Oh the horrors! Let me tell you, washable paint is NOT ALWAYS WASHABLE! We now have an unattractive blue stain on my previously stain-free dining chair. I am no match for this little hurricane in a bottle. After taking the prerequisite pictures of the finished canvas(Jack) it was straight to the bathtub. The water was dark gray when all was said and done. Kind of made me think what the water would look like when a chimney sweep bathes. Thank God for naptime!

Jack and Drew

Yesterday, Julie and Drew from down the street came over for a play date. Drew is Jack's "best good friend" to quote Forest Gump. While considering what he would wear for his playdate, Jack decided on a pajama set that makes him a shoo in for next generation's Hugh Hefner. The way he hammed it up for the camera in his "outfit" makes me worry about the girls I will be beating off with a stick in the coming years. Yikes! Jack and Drew played for a couple hours, giving each other some hugs and kisses, and the inevitable punches and kicks as well. Those two fight so much they could be brothers which makes me think twice about having another baby since I don't know if I could survive it on a daily basis. A friend of mine told me that when she and her brother would fight as little kids, her mother made them sit Indian-style nose to nose as a punishment. I will have to remember that one, but keep 9-1-1 on speed dial in case my attempt at parental discipline goes down in flames. At any rate, we always enjoy seeing Julie and Drew and we Mommies will be spending Thursday refereeing another prize fight! I am starting to feel a little like Don King, only my pocketbook looks nothing like his!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Splash Park

On Friday, we met our friends, Janie and Rhett, for a playdate at a local splash park. The boys had a great time running through the sprinkler rings, playing in the giant shower and jumping in the puddles. After they had enough sun, we moved over to the covered playground to swing, climb and slide. Jack sure took a good nap that day:)Here are a couple pics of the boys playing. Can't believe what a little climber Jack has turned out to be. It is amazing what a difference a couple of months makes!

Have a Good Day and Drive Safely!

I think the "naked" stage is coming to an end! Thank goodness because it was quite a scene at our last playdate when my friend's six-year old son came downstairs and said,"Umm. Excuse me, but Jack is naked in my room!" And sure enough here comes Jack running naked with all his bits and pieces flapping proudly(and a little to noticeably) in the wind! Yes, the streaker was on parade in all of his natural glory! Of the 5 little boys there that day, only mine took his clothes off. Here he is pictured on his way to "work." He got himself all dressed complete with his mother's boots. He kissed me goodbye, told me to have a good day and I told him to "drive safely." After our exchange, he hopped on his little red car and jetted off to earn his keep.