Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I am officially 33.

A Transformation...

While I was out spending some QT with Bryan for my 33rd, we happened upon a Spiderman costume for Master Jack. We surprised him with it when we arrived to pick him up from Grammie and Papa's. The look of sheer joy on his face was absolutely priceless and I could just kick my own butt for not having the video camera. Before I could even get the costume out of the bag, Jack was already stripped down to his underoos, giggling and practically salivating at the opportunity to become his favorite superhero. Once he got it on, the makeover was complete. He was so excited at how "perfect" it fit and how it "tranforms" into pajamas at night(his words: Fantastic, huh?!) I guess that was his not so subtle hint that he was not going to take it off for the foreseeable future and here we are 25.5 hours later and Spiderman is still in costume. Here are a few pics of our wonderboy relishing in his new and authentic superhero identity.

Drive In Mania

We took our first trip with Jack to the drive in last Thursday along with The Rhodes and their 4 kiddos. It was a perfect breezy night to open up the backs of our SUVs, eat too much popcorn and let the kids stay up late. Can't wait to go again!


Sometimes in life you just get lucky to find someone who fills you with light and love and hope that each day will be better than the last. I got lucky twice.

A Special Meeting with Spiderman

Jack has two obsessions in life, dinosaurs AND Spiderman. Everyday (all day), I answer questions like, "Mommy, can Spiderman take down T-Rex?" He runs around the house "saving" Mommy from the bad guys(usually Daddy) shooting his webs from his "spinnerettes" and jumping from couch to floor, bed to get the idea. When I heard that Spiderman was making a special appearance at Party City last Sunday, I knew it was fate that Spiderman would meet his biggest fan. Jack was in total awe and talked about meeting him for days. Pretty special to meet your idol when you are 3.

The Lunch Bunch

Last week, Jack got to take his lunch to school for the very first time. Once or twice a month, his preschool offers a lunch bunch programs for the children to bring packed lunches and eat with their classmates after school. He was so excited to take his new Spiderman lunch box filled with an almond butter and banana sandwich, carrots and dip, an apple and milk. He carries it proudly through the house and was very accomodating when I asked him to pose for a picture. He kept saying, "Mommy, do only big boys get to eat lunch at school?"