Sunday, June 22, 2008

Buying Stock in Kleenex

This has been a crazy week. Jack came down with something Tuesday night(why do they always get sick at night?) A visit to our favorite PA, Nikki, came with bad news. Jack has strep. This explains the pain in his ears, 103 fever, extreme crankiness and NO APPETITE! After antibiotics, he was feeling much better on Thursday and no longer contagious(thank goodness). On Friday, he came down with a cough and runny nose, so now that strep is gone, a nasty cold has taken its place! Unbelievable. This kid has the most amazing immune system I have ever seen and BAM! a double dose of the icks. So far, Daddy and I have managed to evade the cooties, but I must admit I am feeling a little run down taking care of Jack the Terrible. Between the sleeplessness (and why are they up all night instead of sleeping like we do when we are sick?), administering drugs, breathing treatments(no cough syrup for the little ones, but albuterol helps)incessant crying and more snot out of a 35 pound person than I thought a head could hold, I am WORN OUT! We have been homebound for the weekend, but did manage to get out to the airport cafe we love so much for breakfast. Jack has also been enjoying the pool (it's body temp) too which is also helping to keep his fever down. Here's hoping tomorrow brings some relief! On top of it all, Jack jumped on our cat Prince who is 13 years old and injured him. We thought we were going to have to take him to the ER vet because his back legs weren't working well. By Sat morning, he appeared to be on the mend(thank GOD) and is getting better every hour. He is an ornery old bird...err cat, so I am sure it will take more than a less than gentle 2 year old to take him out(I hope). I included a couple pics from early this week before the germ circus arrived. Jack is always caring for his babies and putting them to bed. And I just couldn't resist the bean bag toss container used as a hat. Oh the imagination! Today(in a rare moment of energy) he "pertended" to be a pirate using a cardboard paper towel roll(arrggh mateys)! Our agave plants in the courtyard bloomed! It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful desert flowers can be. These are such a creamy white and feel and smell a little like lilies. We have 3 huge blooms and they have been like this for a couple of weeks. I didn't even know this plant had flowers!!!!! Here's to a better week!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Intellectual and The Artist

As you can see, one of Jack's favorite things to do is pretend to be a grown-up. He loves to wear my glasses(when he can steal them) and get his "messages" on the phone. He walks around like Mr. Big taking messages and having power conversations with everyone from Daddy to Eric and Mike(Bryan's friends that he also refers to as his "brothers"). Very funny to hear him making arrangements to get together with the phantom person on the other line! On Friday, Jack and I were making a few crafts to give to Daddy on Father's Day. Painting is a favorite in this house and making handprints is right up there with eating goldfish and pizza! Here he is all sweetly messy enjoying the moment. Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Make a Wish Mr. C!

Today we all went to Joan and Ed Malk's to celebrate Cameron's 1st birthday! Lots of friends, food and fun was to be had. Jack just couldn't wait for cake. In fact, he kept chanting "I wait for cake!" After singing happy birthday and oohhing and aahhing over first birthday gifts, the boys took to the pool! Jack kept Uncle Ben busy with turtle rides and thought the waterfall was especially fun. Lots of shivering, goose bumps and a pair of blue lips later, we thanked everyone for a great day and headed home! Hope you enjoy the pics of our little fish!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Tiny Bubbles and a Soapy Goldfish

Ahhh....bath time. Jack LOVES to take a bath! Kicking around in the warm bubbly water, lavendar scented body wash, bath toys and his best friend, Rufus the Cat, perched on the counter. If you are Jack, it doesn't get much better than this. I had a blast photographing him tonight. A few weeks ago, Grammie gave Jack a bar of soap with a plastic goldfish inside. Jack just can't wait to get the fish free of its soapy domain. What an incentive to scrub all the hard to reach places! He is so desperate to free his new found friend that he will try almost anything that I suggest to be successful( this includes making fish faces, blowing on the fish, holding it above his head and counting to 3). I think it's going to take another week or so to accomplish the task and then I may have to get another one to continue the hilarity! It will be a sad day when my camera and I are no longer welcome during bath time. I guess I will just have to soak it up(pun intended) for now. Sweet soapy bliss.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Little Zane Alexander

I finally got some updated pics of my brother's kids, Zane and Teyah. Teyah just turned 10 in April and Zane is going to be 4 months on Monday! What a cute pair they make. Both kids look so much like my brother that its startling! He must have some strong genes. Zane has to be the cutest baby I have seen in a long time(except for Jack of course!)