Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Date With The Grinch

Last week, Jackson and I had a very special date night, our first since Charlie was born. I received 2 tickets to How The Grinch Stole Christmas at Gammage Auditorium in Tempe from a friend. He was so excited he talked the entire hour drive to the theatre. The show was amazing...nothing short of magical especially when they made it snow in the audience. I loved being able to spend some solo time with my big boy. Half way through the show, Jack climbed up on my lap and lay his head on my shoulder. I got teary inhaling the sweet scent of his hair feeling the weight of him on my lap. He is so little and so big all at once. I have missed my boy and am so grateful we got to spend a few hours together just the two of us. Can't wait for our next "date."

Daddy's boys

Love it when I find all the boys cuddled up together.


When I absolutely have to put Charlie down for a moment, he loves to play on his activity mat. He lays there and gurgles and squeals and coos to the little toys that dangle down. His personal fave? The little octopus gets a smile every time!

Charlie: 8-10weeks

Here are some pictures of Charlie during the last couple of weeks. He is such a joyful baby. I feel so blessed to be his mommy every time I look at his sweet little face. Love doesn't begin to cover it!

2 brothers....

and a whole lot of LOVE!

Beach Babies: Part 2

The day before our trip home, the beach called us back for one more beautiful day of sand and sea. The boys wiled away the hours body surfing and playing football while Charlie made his first footprints in the sand. In keeping with tradition, daddy buried Jack in the sand and as you can see he didn't enjoy it at all. Farewell Carlsbad! Until next year when we meet again.

A Spooktacular Halloween

For the 2nd year in a row, we celebrated Halloween in Carlsbad. It was so fun to get BOTH of my little goblins ready for our trick or treating extravaganza. Charlie made the sweetest little pumpkin and was such a trooper patiently waiting while his brother trick or treated for blocks! Jack was an especially adorable skeleton whose face paint from the wild animal park added the perfect touch. We went door to door and each time he rang the bell and called out, "trick or treat" it made me giggle. Every year he seems to enjoy it more and it makes me remember all of the fabulous halloween's I spent trick or treating with my mother. I can't wait until the kids are big enough for me to create a haunted house the way she did. Here are some pictures we took before the fun began.

Adventures in the Wild Animal Park

We took Jack and Charlie to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. It was such a beautiful day for an outdoor adventure! Jack had a great time in the petting zoo. I think he must have made me take his picture 20 times by the deer! We rode their train for a 30 minute tour around the park and even Charlie was awake to enjoy the sites. All the animals were out enjoying the cool breeze laying in the sun(I will spare you the animal pics since we all know what a zebra looks like). We enjoyed lunch at the outdoor cafe, watched Jack "accidentally" on purpose take a walk through the pond, fed the lorikeets(so beautiful, but scary agressive!) and even got to pet a Madagascar hissing cockroach! Ewww! At the end of the day, Jack got his face painted and it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for trick or treating. As you can see, Jack was plum tuckered out.

P.S. In case you are wondering why Jack isn't in the family photo with me, Bryan and Charlie....remember who we are talking about.