Monday, March 17, 2008


Today has been interesting to say the least! This morning my ever precocious 2 year old decided that he wanted to know what gel deodorant tastes like! Yes folks, he took a BITE out of my deodorant! I had to call poison control and they said that he might vomit(he didn't)and that he would be just fine:) After protesting nap time, Jack decided to help me clean the bathroom and squirted cleaner in his eye! (Thank goodness we use Seventh Generation) And no, I do not let him play with cleaner, but if you turn your back for a minute he could cross the state line! A second call to the Poison Control and one eye flush later, I thought it is time to get outside! So, we blew bubbles and I think Jack drank more bubble soap than anything! It was a rough day in regards to ingesting chemicals! Wish us luck for tomorrow.

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aunt mary said...

Amber, watch out! Little boys are so so so fast! I'm sure there will be more "Mondays" in your future,and I pray they turn out like this one with your handsome son Jackson safe and sound Love always and forever Aunt Mary.