Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pretty Little Weeds....for you.

Our campsite was right next to a beautiful little clearing with lots of yellow flowers in bloom. I was watching Jack run through the flowers while the sun was starting to set and thinking to myself how lucky I am to have found a flower among weeds. Every so often there is a moment in motherhood that absolutely takes your breath away and this was one of those. Watching his golden hair and skin glow while he ran through the meadow was amazing. As he ran toward me, getting closer and closer, I felt like I was watching him leave his babyhood behind and become a boy right before my very eyes. When he reached me, his little hands cradled tiny yellow flowers he picked just for me. What I noticed wasn't the flowers, but the hands. The little hands that have gone from the chubby, dimpled wonders that are a baby's own to the strong, lean(and very dirty) hands of a boy. Sad, but sweet. So, thankfully Bryan was on hand to take our photo in that meadow at the exact moment that Jack turned from baby to boy.

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Kimberly said...

So nice to see you again. I have missed tweeting with you. Keep in touch. I will drop by to see you, and how your family is growing.

Warm Wishes,