Thursday, December 24, 2009

1-2-3 Jesus Loves Me

On December 12th, Jackson had his Christmas Program at Calvary Christian School where he attends Mrs. Udell's preschool class. He was so excited that they got to be on stage in the "adult church" until it was actually time to do it. He had been belting out his songs all week long and then when it was time to walk on to the stage, he decided that he was not going to do it. Mrs. Bradford(his asst. teacher) tried to convince him to go up there, but as you know, Jack has a mind of his own and a strong will to match. He shouted out," NO!" giving his best mean face and came to sit with us in the audience. I know I should understand this is normal for small children, but I am a mom(and a human one at that) and I was understandably disappointed that we would be the only parents without a child singing on stage. Jack sat on Grammie's lap and sang along with his class. As soon as he saw us cheering and clapping for his classmates, he decided he was ready to join them to get his fair share of the applause. He bounded up on stage and belted out the tunes, inhibitions aside, and stole the show! It was precisely at this point that our video camera decided not to cooperate, so we are hoping another parent will take pity on us and give us a copy of the kids performance. The most memorable part of the show was when Jack shouted out, "Oh, Rats!" during a rare quiet moment of the production. Bryan and I(although slightly embarrassed at our little scene stealers gaffe)watched with love in our eyes as our little guy overcame his stagefright and grew just a bit more before our very eyes.

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