Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brought to you by the letter J and the number 2!

Today, our baby became a preschool student at Grow and Learn Preschool! He will go each Tuesday and Thursday from 8:10-10:30. They follow the Zoo Phonics curriculum, so he will be well on his way to reading and writing soon. He was so excited to carry his own folder and backpack into Miss Tara's bright yellow classroom full of new adventures to be discovered. He did really well this morning and only cried for a minute at drop off. After class, we got to hear about his new friends, Eric and Jacob and he also brought home several items he made at school today. He learned about the number 2, the color yellow and the shape of the week is a heart. The teachers felt that he was so smart(and tall) that he should go into the 3-4 class instead of the 21/2-3 class, so he is with kids that are more his size(sort of) and on his developmental level. I am excited for the field trips, parties and picture day, but I still can't believe this day has come so quickly. I was up half of the night thinking about how he has grown since the day he was born and how he is so much more than my wildest dreams. I look forward to posting much more about Jack: Adventures in Preschool. Stay tuned....

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