Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Puppies and Backhoes

Jack and I visited our dear friends, Janie and Rhett, yesterday. They live in Coolidge and have a wonderful farm with lots of animals and veggies growing everywhere! The invited us out to make pizzas for lunch and to see their 2 week old Kelpie puppies. They were so adorably cute and the boys really enjoyed holding them. What they enjoyed even more was being able to have their picture taken in Rhett's Daddy's backhoe scoop! What a dream come true for Jack! It is such a joy to see these two boys play together. Janie said that the boys will get to have a ride on the bobcat next time we come to visit. What will she think of next? I will have to stay on my toes or Jack may decide to adopt a new(and much more fun) mommy who has better toys! Thanks for the visit!

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