Saturday, November 29, 2008

Olive YOU!

The night before Thanksgiving, Jack completed a rite of passage that marks the end of babyhood and the entrance to big kid territory! Just look at those olive fingers! He was so excited when Mommy showed him that olives taste best when eaten off the tips of your fingers. Seems most adults I know remember "olive fingers" on Thanksgiving with such fondness, but I have to admit is was even better being the parent and watching my child get such joy out of such a silly tradition. Can't wait til next year! I also included a couple of pics from the most beautiful rainbow over our house the day before turkey day. I wish I had been on a mountain top so that I could have captured it in its entirety. It was so big and vivid and you could almost see where it began(Gilbert) and ended(Queen Creek). Forgive me, but it seemed to be talking to me. Bryan and I shared our first home in Gilbert and we are now moving to Queen Creek. Seemed sort of symbolic in a way. Hope your Thanksgiving was full of family, laughter, joy and .....thankfulness.

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