Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Little Gingerbread Man

This was a year of many holiday firsts. First dough ornaments, first year to trim the tree, first year to make gingerbread men....My little helper joined me in the kitchen once again to make a special treat for Santa. We baked and decorated cute little gingerbread people and even Bryan got in on the action(usually he prefers to eat what comes out of the kitchen, but doesn't actually want to make it!). I think Jack's favorite parts about making the cookies was rolling out the dough with Bryan's Great Grandma Edna's rolling pin and eating more candy than he actually decorated with. The house felt so warm and cozy, just like Christmas should, while we gathered together to make the delicious little men. Just a little family history...the gingerbread man cookie cutters belonged to my Grandma, Jokki Peyer. I loved baking gingerbread with her when I was little and felt honored that she let me take them home from a recent visit. The rolling pin belonged to Bryan's Grandma Edna(a professional baker) who has since passed. When she died, the rolling pin was something Bryan wanted to keep that belonged to her. What a telling story about the kind of man I married!

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