Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jingle Bell Rock, well almost!

On December 18th, Jack and his preschool class had their Christmas program. For weeks, we were listening to Jingle Bells, I'm a little snowman, and other merry holiday songs. On the big day, Daddy was there with video camera in tow, and of course, I was ready to photograph our little performer's debut. Jack seemed like he was in another world...and in that world singing songs was not on the priority list! I think he had a mild case of stage fright because other than periodic mouthing of the words and a little wiggling to the music, he pretty much stood their looking very unaffected. It kind of reminded me of when my brother played center field in t-ball. As you know, centerfield is kind of a dubious position in t-ball since the kids can't really hit the ball that far. James would stand out there with his glove scooping up dirt and putting in on his head. What a sight to behold! We were proud nevertheless! I would however like to point out that his teachers bribed them with candy canes to go out and perform. I think Jack could have used an advance on the sugar high!

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