Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dinosaur Roaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

After taking Grammie to the airport today to visit James, Jack and I decided to visit the Museum of Natural History in Mesa. This wonderous place is commonly known as the "Dino Museum" in our household. We have a membership, so we are able to go as often as Jackson would like. The thing that most amazes me about every trip we make to this museum is how excited he is each and every time. It makes me smile listening to my smart little man tell me all about each dinosaur, what(or who)they eat, and any other factoids he has memorized. Wouldn't it be something if he grew up to be a paleontologist. Let's just hope he's less like Ross Gellar from Friends and more like Indiana Jones(okay, okay, I know...he was an achaeologist! As a mother, I am quite sure I would be equally proud of both). One very strange side effect of our visits to the museum is that Jack loves to ROAR like a dinosaur would. I took these photos today after the museum(and a much needed nap). Let's see if you can spot the transition from Jack to TRex and back!

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