Monday, March 23, 2009


We were so fortunate to get to see so many of our friends and family while we were in NE. Bobbie and Jacob came to see us on Friday night. Jacob is such a big boy now(7 yrs) and he was a great older cousin to Jackson. He and Jack took turns pushing eachother on the swings and played really nicely together despite the age difference. Georgia's Ted came to GI to have dinner with us and we got to listen to all of his fun stories. Uncle Dick came calling on Saturday morning and brought his main squeeze, Betty Mae to meet us. He got a big kick out of Jack at the park! The same day we got to see The Walsh Family(Lindsey, Trevor and Garrett), The Johns(Jordan, Desiree and Cayden) and last, but not least, Scott Lancaster(Becky and baby Cole were missed).

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