Friday, August 14, 2009

First Shiner

Bryan took Jack to the pool on Monday night to get the wiggles out before bed. Jack LOVES the pool, not only because it is the ONLY way to cool off in this $#%&*! heat, but because he knows absolutely everyone there. It reminds me of the show Cheers when Norm would enter the bar and everyone would shout "Norm!" When there is an opportunity to meet someone new(gasp!), Jack is on top of it...smoozing the moms with small talk(What's up? You been busy?), squirting the dads with his water gun and showing the other kids how it's done because no one has it together quite the way Jack does. Well, back to Monday night. He met a new little boy, Tristan, who is 5. Everything is going along swimmingly(did I really just use that pun?)until Tristan tries to throw his snorkle mouthpiece into the pool, but misses and hits Jack SQUARE IN THE EYE! Yep, the eye. Not only did it cut him on the inner eyelid and below his eye, he woke up Tuesday morning(just in time for his first day of school) with a shiner. Sweet.

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