Monday, November 2, 2009

No Guts, No Glory

Grammie came to stay with us a couple weeks ago and helped us carve our Halloween pumpkin. We had a great time drawing on his face, pulling out his guts(although Jack was less than impressed with this part and is a testament to the fact that everyday he is more and more like his father)and carving out his features that would be candlelit later that evening. Having Grammie here to help made me remember how much I loved carving pumpkins with her when I was a little girl. It made me realize how such small moments in a child's life(and a mother's)leaves such a lasting impression. After we finished the pumpkin complete with raffia hair and stickers, we soaked our pumpkin seeds in salt water and baked them to perfection. The pumpkin seeds were delicious, but I think our favorite part will always be the laughing and talking while we waited for our treat. Thanks Mom! We love you.

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