Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RIP Princey

I had to do the hardest thing I have ever done in life today. I had to say goodbye to my beloved Prince. Some would say he was just a cat, but to me he was my baby, my cheerleader, my faithful, everloving friend. Today as I said goodbye to my Prince, my mind replayed the moment we first met, all of his stinky kisses, his many near death encounters(he was quite the escape artist) and the way he would curl his arms around my neck like a baby does when they are carried. I will miss the freckles on his nose(that I once thought was skin cancer, but turned out to be aging), his barely there meow and the way he walked into the room like he owned it. I will miss the fact that while he loved my husband and son, I was his human and he craved my affection like people crave chocolate. This morning I knew it was the end, but knowing it would happen did not prepare me for how excrutiating it would be to experience his moment of departure. I felt his last breath and knew that there was no more pain, no more fear and that I will see my friend again someday at the Rainbow Bridge. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I will be thankful for so many things, my family and friends, but mostly, tomorrow I will be thankful for spending the last 15 years with my precious boy, Prince. RIP Prince. I will always love you.

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Kimberly said...

My prayers are with you. It is so hard to lose your pet...they really are a part of the family.

God Bless you!