Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's My Party....Part 2

Well, the rain threatened to shut down our party and good spirits, but the kids were unflappable! They found Jack's dress up box and toy room upstairs and had a blast. You may notice that Jack ditched his special T-Rex shirt in favor of his other love, his Spiderman costume. The paleo-educator came and gave the kids a lesson on how dinosaurs get their names. For a group of mostly 3-5 year olds, I was truly impressed with her ability to keep their rapt attention...but I guess she did have dinosaur bones and teeth and spikes! Oh my! Who wouldn't enjoy that?

The rain finally cleared and thanks to Grammie and Nanie for wiping out the bounce house(which was actually overflowing with bubbles from the cleaner that the company sprays inside before renting it)so the kids got a chance to jump afterall! Papa manned the T. Rex pinata and the kids took turns knocking his block off with a plastic bat. I even gave it a try, but unfortunately, broke the bat. The only thing we didn't get to do because of the weather delay was the dino dig, but no one seemed to be disappointed!

After the pterodactyl tenders, herbivore delight and dino cake were cleared, it was time to hand out our thank you gift bags and say goodbye. Can't wait for next year's adventure when Dino-Spidey turns 5!

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