Saturday, June 12, 2010

Walkin' On Sunshine

It was a beautiful day in April when Jack and I decided to take a "nature" walk in our neighborhood. Everything was in bloom and my little man wanted to see what there was to discover. We found flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes, bird's nests awaiting their hatchlings, ant hills and lots and LOTS of rocks! It was so exciting to watch him running from flower to flower, plant to plant, exclaiming, "look what I "excovered" Mom!" Eventually, the heat made us seek respite at one of the neighborhood parks. I watched Jack climb and slide and run around so happy to be out in the sunshine. We walked home(with his shirt tucked into his pants)to cool off on the patio and enjoy a fizzy lizzy. Jack made some beautiful collages with our treasures from the day, but my favorite part is when he said, "Momma, you make the best adventures!" Too sweet.

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