Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Mother's Day MMO!

It was about 7 am and a little boy with golden brown hair and coffee brown eyes came into my room. I feel a little nose touching mine and I hear, "Momma, are you awake?" (of course, I am now I think to myself) "It's Mudder's Day," he says with a big smile. He hands me a beautiful picture made with so much glitter glue that the page no longer lays flat. After an appropriate amount of ooohhs and ahhhhs over the picture, he hands me a crumpled pink paper bag. Curious as to what special treasure is enclosed in this interesting packaging, I open it to find a special bracelet handmade with love for me! It was made for me in school this year in a super secret Mother's Day shop with his two little hands...and only his. How do I know that the teachers didn't help him with this perfect masterpiece? He spelled "MOM" in a way only a child who is not yet reading could, "MMO!" I was so touched that I laughed so hard I cried. Looking at his little face and the pride that beamed back at me will be a moment never forgotten and that special bracelet will always remind me of when he was 4 and I was his special MMO for Mudder's Day.

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