Saturday, August 14, 2010

Expecting Charlie: Part 5 Maternity Photos

I often hear from other women, why on earth would you have maternity photos done? My simple answer is why on earth not? Pregnancy is such a special and beautiful time in a woman's life and it deserves to be captured for the future. How I would have loved to have beautiful pictures of my mother carrying me before I was born. There is something so special about a child having the privilege of seeing photos of their mother in full bloom carrying them, wanting them, waiting for them to make their way into this world. In July, Donielle from LiveLoved Photography came to our home to help us preserve these precious moments for Charlie's future. She did a lovely job at capturing the happiness that is buzzing in our home right now. You can see how much Bryan and I love eachother, how excited Jack is to meet his baby brother and how filled with joy this time in our lives is at the moment. I for one will never ever be sorry to have these photos and I know Charlie will love to have them someday.

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