Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oh wasn't that a band!

Well, this is the time of year that sends chills up my spine...the Christmas program at school. If you remember what happened the last couple of years, then you know why I feel this way. Our normally chatting upbeat little boy becomes well, let's just say a little unpredictable. We made our way to our seats and got the video camera poised and ready to go. I delicately balanced a 3 month old Charlie who was in need of his morning nap on my lap while I held my camera with the hopes that mine would not the be the child who decided to misbehave during the program. The children started climbing up the benches to their places(Bryan and I are smiling right now because our Jack is just where he is supposed to be) and then suddenly, things start to go badly. Jack's bottom lip started to pout forward, he turned to the side and then slowly climbed off of the bench and stood against the fence....RATS!(to quote him from the year before). I was starting to wonder why we come to these things when it seems to be an exercise in embarrassment for me and Bryan. Just when I was about to make a dash for the door, Jack went back to his spot and sang for all he was worth! I was so proud! Did everyone see that golden haired boy who knew all the words and sang so loud for everyone to hear? That's my boy...yes, indeed. That's my boy.

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