Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eye to eye, heart to heart!

The other night, Jack was being very rambunctious and gave his Daddy a really painful headbutt to the spine(I think Bryan's nickname of Bruiser came a generation too soon!). I told Jack how sad Daddy was about the headbutt and that he needed to march over to him, look him in the eye and apologize. Jack, being as literal as it can get, promptly walked over to Bryan and took his face in his hands. He then took his tiny fore finger and thumb and opened Bryan's left eye as wide as he could(maybe he will be an opthamologist), put his little eye right next to Daddy's and said, "I'm sorry Daddy." I wish I had this videoed because it was so literal and so sweet! Oh the funny things kids do....I could have laughed til I cried:)

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