Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A trip to Carson to see the Greats!

On Wed., we followed Dad up to Carson to drop in on Jack's Great Grandparents, Don and Jokki. Jack quickly traded in Grandpa for Great Grandpa as a playmate. Grandpa Don didn't seemed to mind at all! Grandma Jokki let Jack pick out a teddybear from her collection, but he wasn't satisfied because he would have rather had her Qewpie Doll Collectible. We had lunch and visited for a bit and then it was time to go. Next stop was Grandma and Papa Hunt, Aunt Mary, Raven and the girls. Sorry everyone, my camera battery needed to be recharged, so I don't have any pics of them with Jack. Such a bummer because it was his first chance to meet Aunt Mary and Raven is so darned cute!

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