Friday, October 10, 2008

"Udderly" Fascinating!

Jack and I had the pleasure of visiting Superstition Dairy Farm in Mesa today. They had a free event called Moo Moo Palooza honoring their 30th anniversary. We were able to tour their dairy farm, pet some animals in the petting zoo and Jack even got a pony ride. No smiles for mommy today as he was pretty stoic for pictures! We enjoyed some hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch and as a special treat, Jack got to try a small cup of the dairy's homemade icecream called Udder Delight. Yum! They also had a milk bar with 13 different flavors of milk. Jack's pick....lime milk! Eewww, but he liked it:) The best part was as we thought the day was through and we were making our way back to the car, we noticed a small gathering of children. They were gathered around a less than 24 hour old newborn calf. She was SO sweet! We were able to pet her and bottle feed another calf that was less than a day older than the newborn. I didn't get a picture of Jack feeding the calf because her 1/2 gallon bottle(yes, that is right...and she had several already for the day) was too heavy for him to hold. Hope you enjoy the pics! Oh yes...there is also one picture of Jack learning to hopscotch! Tell you what, teaching a kid to hopscotch is so much more fun than working(I almost don't miss the money..hee hee!)

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