Monday, June 29, 2009


Jack and I made the very LONG trip out to Glendale last week to see our dear friends, The Rhodes. Vicki just had another beautiful baby girl in May and we needed to get off our butts and make the pilgrimage over yonder to welcome her into the world. Jack was just fascinated with her tiny hands, ears and soft downy hair. She really is beautiful, but I completely forgot to take a picture of her! How you ask? Simple, I was astounded by how much I miss having a baby and was in complete heaven holding her tiny 10 lb body in my arms. To make up for not having pics to show you, I have posted many pics of Vicki's other 3 kids and of course, our Jack! While Vicki fed Katie, I entertained the kids(in 106 degree heat) on the swings, taking pictures and playing Monster. Is there anything more delightful than little children squealing with mock terror over a monster chasing them? I think not!

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