Monday, June 29, 2009

Little PEEple

Anyone who thinks the terrible two's is over at 3 has another thing coming. We have had a few rough patches lately with our little evil genius. Here is a page from recent events:

Scene: Jack comes in to the loft to talk to me while I am checking email. The front of his pj pants are WET.

Jack: Mommy, I don't know why my pants are wet.

Mommy: What happened? Did you have an accident?(he never has accidents)

Jack: No.

Mommy:(taking Jack by the hand) Show me what happened.

Jack: (walk me to my bedroom near the windows) I peed on your curtains.

Mommy: (trying unsuccessfully to hold it together) Why would do you do something like that??

Jack: Because I am mad at you.

Mommy: (swats a little behind and sends him to his room to think about his behavior)

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS! After much time cooling off, I finally went into his room to talk to him. I asked him why he was angry and there was no answer. So, I explained that while it is ok to be angry, it is NOT ever ok to behave like an animal. I told him that when I am angry at him, I do not pee on his curtains. So, we agreed that it would never happen again.

The lesson I learned in all of this...dry clean only curtains SUCK!

There will be NO pictures with this post.

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