Monday, June 29, 2009

To Camp Or Not To Camp...

A couple of weeks ago before the heat hit, I decided to take our family camping in the backyard to give Jack a taste of sleeping under the stars. Bryan put up our tent and made us a comfy bed with sleeping bags, pillows and an airbed. I grilled up hotdogs, broccoli salad and SMORES! Jack had a blast sitting outside eating his "cowboy" food and dancing to the radio. When it was time to go to bed, we all piled into the tent along with our faithful pooch, Libby, and snuggled down for the night. Well, the combination of close quarters, the warm summer night and a horrible case of doggie gas drove the boys inside. I, however, braved the great outdoors alone(with Libby who thankfully got it all out of her system)and had the best night of sleep in 3 years! No sounds of cats pretending our staircase is the circus trapeze, no little voices calling out in the night, no snoring out of the mister...just the blissful sound of crickets and the cool wind coming through my mesh windows. Who's the man now??

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