Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Breakfast Included!

Grammie, Jack and I packed up the G for a road trip to Carson, California to visit some family over the holiday weekend. We were lucky enough to start each day at my Grandma Jokki and Grandpa Don's house with my 82 year old grandma as the chef. She lovingly decorated the table with her finest table cloths, napkins and sweet dishes covered in pink roses. We enjoyed cottage cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit salad, and of course, rice and bread pudding...a Peyer family favorite! She even set out the tiniest coffee cup with milk and a splash of coffee for our tiny connisseur...that gene must have skipped a generation as neither I nor his father like coffee too much. Even Aunt Nikki stopped in one morning to say hello. On our last morning there, Grandma got out a wishbone she had been saving for Jack to make a wish. Boy, he was so excited, he could barely calm down to listen to the directions and darn near ripped it out of his great grandma's tiny hands when the time came.

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The Martin's said...

I just love his wishbone face! Your grandparents look fabulous!