Thursday, July 9, 2009

The happiest place on Earth

Move over Disneyland, the Children's Museum of Phoenix is about to take your place! Jack and I met our new friends(adorable Sara and her even cuter son, Ben) today at the museum for a little fun and lunch. The boys had a great time with the tricycle races, shopping at the grocery store, climbing through the tunnel maze and eating lunch each other's lunch! Jack was very big brotherly around Ben(19mos)helping to feed him, wipe his tiny mouth and attempting to hold his hand to "keep him safe!" Ben , being his own little man, was having none of the hand holding! There was SO much to do and see that by the end of the day, both mommies and kiddos were pooped. P.S. Thanks Sara! I appreciate you taking some pics of me with Jack today:)

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