Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Charlie's Angels

Charlie and I had our 6 week postpartum check up at Nurturing Hearts Birth Services yesterday with our midwives, Stephanie and Jen. This visit was bittersweet as it is my last appointment with two amazing women I have come to love. After I made the decision to get back to basics and have a homebirth with the assistance of a midwife, I had to find the perfect match to make me and my family feel at home with our decision. Stephanie and Jen welcomed me with love and respect and sheer excitement to be part of the single most important moment of my life: giving birth to my child. They weren't just there to take my weight, blood pressure and belly measurements, but to listen and laugh and support me when I was feeling out of sorts. I can't begin to explain how special this relationship is to me. Having them there to help me bring Charlie into the world, encouraging me when I felt like I could go no further and helping me find my faith when there was none really made all the difference in my experience. Thanks ladies for everything! I feel honored to have shared this experience with you and Charlie is one lucky kid to have been surrounded by so much love the moment he came into the world.

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Jen said...

I am so happy that you found NHBS! What an honor it was to be part of Charlie's pregnancy and birth. Thank you for sharing with us, and I look forward to watching him grow <3