Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Favorite Big Brother

What can I say? When you are blessed, you are blessed. I am so proud of the big brother Jack is becoming. He is so kind and tender and loving with his baby brother always quick to bring a diaper, give a kiss or sing a song to comfort a fussy baby. The other day we were driving home from Jack's school and Charlie was a bit fussy. No matter how many times I stopped to comfort him or nurse him, he would just start crying again when I started the car. Jack tried his best to comfort him and finally started to cry himself. He said(in a very dramatic fashion...and if you know Jack you know just what I mean), "I feel SO helpless! I would risk my life for Charlie!" Hahaha LOL! Too funny and sweet and then next thing I know, Mommy is crying too. My sweet boy is growing up so quickly that it is at once beautiful and devastating. Here is a picture of the "big brother in the house." Isn't he something?

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