Friday, October 22, 2010

Green Pumpkins

The other day I picked Jackson up from school and on the way out we picked up his latest art creation. It was a big green...pumpkin. All the other kids colored theirs various shades of orange with a green stem. He asked me, "Momma is it okay to have a green pumpkin?" This brought tears to my eyes as I looked at his face full of searching for acceptance. I said, "Of course it is! I think green pumpkins are beautiful and you know, they are green before they ripen to that beautiful orange you see in the pumpkin patch." Now before you think I have lost my mind or at the very least am suffering from some serious postpartum hormones, here is a little bit of a backstory. When I was in kindergarten, it was Thanksgiving and we were all coloring the traditional handprint turkeys. I colored mine completely purple which was to my teacher's dismay. She made an example out of me by not hanging it up with the other children's turkeys which all looked the same with their red, yellow, orange and brown feathers. I was heartbroken. My mother quickly set the teacher straight and praised me for my creativity. That purple turkey was on our refrigerator forever. I couldn't be more proud that my son's creative individualism showed itself one fall day in the form of a green pumpkin. Here is a picture of his masterpiece.

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