Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today is Day Three of potty training. Jack has been successful 15 times to the potty and is doing both #1 and #2! We are so proud of him! We are having to stick close to home in these early days to make sure he stays consistent, so we have been spending alot of time in the backyard. Despite many layers of sunscreen, we are all a little pink around the edges and a bit waterlogged from Jack's turn with the hose! Can't wait to put our little one to bed...I am worn out from all that fresh air and chasing after a toddler who has peed in my closet and my pantry!(Guess there was more than one hose out of control! hee hee) Thank goodness canned goods can be wiped down. Jack has 5 more stickers to get on his chart to get his reward of dinner and rides at Chuck E. Cheese. Wish him (and us) luck!

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