Monday, April 13, 2009

Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny hid 34 eggs in the backyard for Jack to find. Watching him run about with his little basket excitedly oohing and ahhing over each egg made me recall Easters past since Jack was born. His first Easter, I dressed him up in a fuzzy frog jacket and made him pose for pictures surrounded by little Easter eggs(a 9 week olds version of an egg hunt!) The next year, we hid a few eggs in the courtyard and a 14 month old Jack picked up each egg and dropped it again and we pointed them out for him. Last year, he gathered up the eggs in the backyard this time, but by the time all the eggs had been found, he was ready for it to be over...But this year was different. Lately, moments present themselves showing me that my baby is growing up and this was one of them. He needed very little help(we were kind of tricky with a few of the eggs)and became more and more excited with each find. After he had collected all the eggs(squealing and laughing all the way), he kept looking around the yard to see if he missed any. Genuine disappointment crossed his face when he realized it was over...I was disappointed too because this is the last Easter he will be who he is today. Next year, an entirely different kid will be on the hunt.

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