Monday, April 13, 2009

A tisket a tasket, there's Jack's Easter basket!

Jack woke up early(6am!) in anticipation of the Easter basket we promised the Easter Bunny would leave for him. We did the best we could to delay the hunt for it while Aunt April was sleeping, but in the end, we sent Jack up at 7:30 to wake her so he could find his treasure. Sorry April! We hid it in Jack's playhouse(we had rain the night before) and it was the first place Jack looked...kid is smart! He was SO excited to find it and began to go through its contents like a tornado through the Midwest! I think his favorite item was the pair of binoculars to "bird watch" with in our backyard. As he dragged his loot into the house, he discovered a chocolate Easter Bunny and promptly bit his head off leaving a decapitated body for me to find later. By the way, I think I will rethink the bunny grass next year....I have been finding it everywhere!

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