Wednesday, April 8, 2009


For Jack's birthday, his favorite Aunt(I know April, you are his ONLY Aunt, but even if there were more, you would still be tops!)bought him a butterfly farm. We sent away for the caterpillars and watched them grow and grow AND GROW! Then we watched as they formed their chrysallis and hid away from sight.

TODAY, WE WITNESS ONE OF NATURES MIRACLES! Our caterpillars were reborn into beautiful butterflies! What a sight! We watched as they eased their heads out first, followed by their bodies and finally those wings. As they flapped their crumpled, wet wings, they began to stretch out right before our eyes. Jackson was mesmerized and has talked non-stop about monarch butterflies all morning. The best part, Aunt April will be here tomorrow morning and will get to see our new friends. I think we will let them go on Easter as a nod to the rebirth of Jesus.

I am in awe.

*these pictures are from the internet because our butterfly house is made of mesh and doesn't photograph well. Stay tuned for photos of the release!

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