Thursday, July 3, 2008

Grand Canyon Deer Farm

Well, we had a slight change of plans. A dear friend of ours offered up her cabin for us to use, but thought she may also come up north to be there. Since Jack was just coming off strep and a cold and hasn't been sleeping the best, we decided to decline the offer so that we didn't disturb our hosts. Bryan knowing how much I was looking forward to the trip decided to take us to Flagstaff anyway. We were able to write much of the trip off since he visited some clients while we were there. The first stop on our trip was The Grand Canyon Deer Farm which is ironically in Williams, AZ., not The Grand Canyon! Jack had a blast and so did Mom and Dad. We got to feed the deer and pet them. They even had 4 adorable fawns for us to "fawn" all over. The tiniest one was called Belle and she was just so precious, I had to include a picture. Our little adventurer had trouble staying on the paved path, so our host had to keep giving us gentle(but very obvious) reminders that we were not in the "approved" area! Jack went wild for the reindeer and their fuzzy antlers! I was absolutely smitten with a miniature donkey called Nikki. I made Bryan promise me that if we ever are fortunate enough to have a piece of land that we could loosely interpret as a "farm" that we could add one of these little donkeys to the running list of one eyed cows and three-legged dogs I have in my mental inventory! Too fun:)

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