Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Boy, it has just been miserably hot here lately, so Jack and I have been on a mission to stay cool while trying to keep cabin fever at bay. Between trips to the library for storytime, the dinosaur museum and the splash park up the street we are keeping busy. I will be so grateful when September arrives with cooler temperatures, so that trips to the park or the backyard will be more frequent and less torturous! As you all know, a little boy who isn't getting enough exercise can be quite a handful. The other day out of the blue, Jack bit my leg! After a time out, I asked him why he bit me and he said," I couldn't help it your leg is so delicious mommy!" Now exactly what do you say to that?! I guess that is what I get for asking a question that there is really no good answer to:) Last weekend, Daddy took Jack to see a Jack and The Beanstalk puppet show at a local library. He now tromps around the house saying "Fee Fi Fo Fum!" and talking about the giants stinky feet. Needles to say,he LOVED it, so that will be our theme for his 3rd birthday. Yes folks, I know everyone thinks I am nuts, but I am already planning in advance for February. The great thing about the show at the library is that is was FREE! We have seen puppet shows before from this same company at their location in Phoenix, but is cost $6-8 per person! Here are a couple pics I took yesterday of Jack being Jack. Hope you are all well!

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