Thursday, July 3, 2008

Snow Bowl in June

Next stop on the Flagstaff adventure was the ski lift at Snow Bowl. Snow Bowl is Arizona's ski destination and in the spring and summer months, the lift is open for people to take a leisurely ride to the summit and take in the beautiful sites 11,500 feet below. Now you are probably asking, what did Jack do while you two ding dongs were riding the ski lift? Well, the short and stupid answer is we took him with us. Now they did have a bar that went across our laps, but I was so anxiety ridden about taking him up the mountain with very little restraint that I thought I would have a panic attack. Jack seemed to enjoy himself as long as I continually sang "Tinkle Tinkle Little Pee" a song we sang during potty training. However, as soon as I stopped, he would start asking to get down. Well, down was a really LONG WAY DOWN, so I continued to sing to keep his attention. At the base of the lift, the elevation was 9500 feet, at the top 11,500. Absolutely beautiful and Phoenix winter cool at just 55 degrees at the top! I couldn't enjoy it as I was looking for an alternate route back to the bottom when it occurred to me that we had to go back the same way we came. Madness!!! I will say that we were not alone. There were many other idiots, I mean parents, who also brought small children along. Next time, I think I will pass.

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