Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mandarin Cowboy

Well, you have all heard of The Urban Cowboy and The Rhinestone Cowboy, and now I would like to introduce you to the Madarin Cowboy. Jack was all "cowboy-ed up" riding his stick horse around the house. He was yelling out something that I couldn't understand. At first I thought it was the typical "yeehaw" that we usually hear from him, but I came to realize he was saying "NiHao KaiLan" which is the title of a show he watches occasionally. Now for those of you without small children who watch the Noggin Channel, "KaiLan" is a little Chinese girl and "NiHao" is how you say hello in Mandarin(Chinese). This was a new one even for us! When he was yelling NiHao at the top of his lungs, it sounded quite a bit like Yeehaw. First it was counting in Spanish and now he is learning Chinese. I bet John Wayne would be impressed! At this rate, Jack won't even need a voice over when he makes his first western! I can see it now, "Showdown in Beijing" starring Jackson Schwieger!

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