Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tiny Toes at Oak Creek

While up north, we continued the fun in The Village of Oak Creek(just north of Sedona)with a goal of having almond-encrusted rainbow trout at the Junipine Cafe and dipping Jack's toes in the creek for the first time. Daddy and Jack climbed down a very rustic rock "staircase" to Oak Creek. Jack was dazzled by the beauty and sounds of the creek rushing along. Both the boys quickly retired their shoes and socks for a quick dip in the icy water. Bryan held tight to Jack since the creek rocks were slightly slippery due to a little algae. Silly me, I wore flip flops and a sun dress, so I was content to take pics rather than attempt to climb down without the proper foot wear. I can hear my Dad saying, "see I knew you would never make it to Jenny Ellis Lake!" So to him I say, "Silencio Old Man!" Sorry, I guess that was an inside joke and a reference to the movie Juno!

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