Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Eleanor!

On Sunday, we helped celebrate our dear friends, Todd and Vicki Rhodes, daughter's birthday. Eleanor turned 2 in grand style at the new Children's Museum of Phoenix. What a spectacular place! It is housed in a historical building downtown that was once home to Monroe High School and then to the National Guard(maybe that was why there was an old cigarette smell in the elevator!) Anyways, it was 3 floors of fun. They had a wonderful floor area with mats and tunnels and the ceiling above was hung with dozens of colorful origami birds and an art installation of old used CD's that children had colored. The second floor had a reading area, bean bag area that the kids went crazy for and lots of other amazing vignettes. Jack loved the grocery store and kitchen area that was complete with a section to weigh beans and a faux pizza oven. He took part in some tricycle races(you can see he is being towed by an older boy), slid down slides and pushed around a HUGE bin full of grocery that he promptly put away in the mini fridge! They had an art studio for the kids to make their own funny hats, an area for kids under 3 and so much more. We could have stayed all day. However, after a piece of lemon cake we headed home with the hopes that Jack would still go down for his nap. Here are some pics of Jack and the birthday girl with her siblings, Harry and Lydia.

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