Sunday, August 3, 2008

Have a Good Day and Drive Safely!

I think the "naked" stage is coming to an end! Thank goodness because it was quite a scene at our last playdate when my friend's six-year old son came downstairs and said,"Umm. Excuse me, but Jack is naked in my room!" And sure enough here comes Jack running naked with all his bits and pieces flapping proudly(and a little to noticeably) in the wind! Yes, the streaker was on parade in all of his natural glory! Of the 5 little boys there that day, only mine took his clothes off. Here he is pictured on his way to "work." He got himself all dressed complete with his mother's boots. He kissed me goodbye, told me to have a good day and I told him to "drive safely." After our exchange, he hopped on his little red car and jetted off to earn his keep.

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