Sunday, May 25, 2008

Garbage Man in Margaritaville

Bryan decided to make himself a margarita the other night. Jack was trying with all his might to get sip of that delicious frozen(and forbidden) concoction that Daddy was drinking. He smelled it(and then tried to steal a sip), laid his head on the cold glass(and then tried to steal a sip), played on Bryan's heartstrings with a "please Daddy" as he cozied up to him(and then tried to steal a sip) all to no avail! Thought you would enjoy these pics. More than Jack wants to be a grown up and do grown up things, he wants to be a garbage man. He is consumed with the garbage truck that picks up our trash twice a week. He notices them every where we go. Stops to watch the truck go by every chance he gets and even waves at the driver waiting to see if he will wave back. Daddy decided to surprise his garbage man wannabe with a truck of his own. Jack is now an employee of Tonka Waste Management! He is so enamored with this truck that our usually peaceful bedtime turned warzone. I finally managed to get him to stay in his room(all the while listening to his new truck say "Tonka Sanitation ready to roll!") until he finally climbed in bed and fell asleep with the lights on. He rolled out of bed this morning and couldn't be bothered with breakfast, eventhough I went to the trouble to make his favorite. He was on garbage duty and has been ever since!

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