Monday, May 19, 2008

Kinda little bit

Jack has become the prince of funny one liners. If you ask him if he likes something or if he is happy, he will say, "kinda little bit." He tells me "love you babe" everyday because that is what his Daddy says to me when he leaves for work. My day is filled with "best woman whole world mommy" and "come here buddy", not to mention plenty of "so proud of you last night!" We have yet to figure the last one out, but it makes us smile like idiots none the less. Whoever said 2 year olds are terrible had it all wrong. They are definitely busy and curious and sometimes tenacious in the most exasperating ways, but they are precious and funny and loving and perfect in every way. Maybe I am a glutton for punishment, but if time could stand still in my 2 year old's world, I would be blessed to be part of it.

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